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Barnes and Noble.  Casually looking for a book on giraffes for my fourth assignment with the Institute of Children’s Literature | Institute for Writers.

Me:  “Do you work here?  I’m looking for a book on giraffes.”

Young Lady:  “No,” as she placed a GED study manual back on the shelf.  “Maybe you can help me.”

Me:  “Sure.”

Young Lady:  “I’m interested in getting my degree to become a licensed mental health counselor and, I don’t know which entrance exam I need to take or the courses.”

Me:  “I haven’t a clue, but my sister is a licensed mental health counselor in Titusville who is also certified in several areas including EMDR Therapy.  Let me get you her contact information.  She became a counselor later in life, for about ten years now.  Her information should be relevant.”

Young Lady:  “Thanks!  I’m Chelsea, by the way. Just give me her info and I will contact her.”


I don’t always have to know the answer.  I can be the scarecrow who points the way.

How “God-incidental.”

Never did find that book on giraffes.  Guess it’s time to write one.


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